Sep 252014



New laws in Australia would allow for access to any number of devices on a network.

The warrant is self signed.

Dec 092013



How Australia’s telephone and Web 2.0 use is tracked:  In bulk and filtered later.

Welcome to the world of the special projects group.

Sep 122013



Its seems the National Security Agency and GCHQ are still sharing tech with Australia rather than just the raw product been offered.

Feb 192013



One would think ASIO had better training from the US and UK about running agents?

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Dec 162012



Could using social media or blog comments about any military operation make you a legal military target?
The Geneva Convention protecting civilians could be removed if a power feels uploading, downloading or sharing is part of the fight. How long before “knowingly providing material support or resources to an entity that has been designated as Foreign Terrorist Organizations under section 219 of the Immigration and Nationality Act.” becomes just “providing material support or resources to an entity that has been designated””

Oct 252012



2 years?  5 years? – try forever.    Dont worry its not the content, just ip’s…

Sep 042012



“demanded they not publish material revealing the presence of the Global Hawks”

Hard to hide a drone the size of a 737 airliner if it gets some support for local air traffic control …… and so far south as a “a forward operation location”?

Note the use of civilian ground crews vs the need for a US camp?


Sep 042012



A long list of whistleblowers, the honey traps and other methods used on them.


Aug 302012


Do we need it?,public-opposes-federal-data-retention-proposal.aspx

Not happy about it

Fun for friends of friends of friends and the one legal note to watch them all?


If everybody knows they are been watched on Web 2.0, they will move to other forms of communications.

All the logs become junk.