Aug 082013



Got a site that mentions money laundering, drug trafficking, terrorism and other threats?

U.S. Special Operations Command (SOCOM) National Capital Region (NCR) might have ran an experiment “to enhance the ability to discover relationships, human networks, and geospatial features”


Dec 012012



Olson’s sons Eric and Nils are in court with the question of been killed in custody vs the drug linked suicide story.

Aug 282012



No court, no judge, the ways US federal agencies get around the Fourth Amendment.

No public stats on the amount used – that may be classified.

Your still safe from thermal-imaging devices for now.

Interesting note about the “weather modification” 1976 act.

Jul 012012



Learn about the fine art of propaganda, long term visions and who the USA likes to put its efforts into.

Details the Philip Agee book “Inside the Company: CIA Diary”, the Church report, CIA fronts in the publishing world.  CIA agents in the DEA… political use of drug networks, blaming China for the drug problem, blaming … music for the drug problem.

Jun 042012



New license plate scanners along the I-15 in SW Utah will allow the DEA to keep data for two years.

Its for  drug traffickers… kidnappers and violent criminals… and would never be cross-referenced with other databases….

Interesting point too about the subpoena in a civil court case.


May 092012



Details on the global market for US drones, their training systems and weaponized military drones.


Mar 222012



The US will offer Mexico new intelligence, technology and training via a new Navy SEAL training base in Puebla, Mexico.

Feb 252012


Starts with details on arms sales to North Korea, Patriot missiles sales, keeping Korea split, amphetamines sales and reunification.

Moves to Japan, fake U.S. Treasury bonds, Green Hilton Agreement, rebooting the financial system, what Japan, Russia and China have vs the West, ending poverty, 2012 opportunities.

Ends with eugenics.

Some insight into 


Feb 212012



How the fall of the Taliban saw a huge supply of heroin been moved around the world again.