Jun 122012

Via:  www.cbc.ca/news/politics/story/2012/06/11/pol-weston-china-military-components.html


A U.S. Congressional investigation found one million bogus parts making up American military equipment.

“we find they are all cracked and damaged inside”

Will Canada follow the USA and look into military counterfeiters?


Jun 012012

Via:  http://theintelhub.com/2012/06/01/exclusive-photos-bilderberg-attendees-revealed/


Canadian book sellers, the sitting Minister of Finance of Finland, the Prime Minister of Alberta, Canada, a fellow at … University, a Swedish Banker, Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs (China) ….



Apr 142012

Via:  www.southerntimesafrica.com/news_article.php?id=6963&title=A%20foothold%20in%20SADC&type=83


Minerals, China and influence.  How the US plans to get into, move around and stay in Africa.

Jan 122012

An update to www.whowouldbenefit.com/?p=3262


Via:  news.yahoo.com/fake-memo-real-code-india-u-hacking-mystery-175519916.html


It was a “fake memo” – that had some sophisticated language and a bureaucratic style….



Jul 162011

Via:  courthousenews.com


EPIC was seeking documents under the FOIA about the NSA?Google deal after the Google in China issues.



Jun 222011

Via:  tarpley.net
Syria, Libya, Arab Spring, Yemen, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, cyber assault, a lack of depleted uranium and the GOP.

Jun 152011

Via:  guardian.co.uk


Talk of “permanent” bases is been changed to training or mentoring roles.  Drones, troops and intelligence units could be in place for decades under a strategic partnership.