Dec 012012



Olson’s sons Eric and Nils are in court with the question of been killed in custody vs the drug linked suicide story.

Nov 252012

Going back to the site:

A interesting view after the “Mata Haris” like email find


Sep 152012



An interesting look at the past and Syria today.

Sep 042012



A long list of whistleblowers, the honey traps and other methods used on them.


Aug 142012



Mostly info on Somalia, a 737 near miss and crash counts.

Jul 012012



Learn about the fine art of propaganda, long term visions and who the USA likes to put its efforts into.

Details the Philip Agee book “Inside the Company: CIA Diary”, the Church report, CIA fronts in the publishing world.  CIA agents in the DEA… political use of drug networks, blaming China for the drug problem, blaming … music for the drug problem.

Jun 232012



Senator Jozef Pinior has intel that a cage was ordered for Stare Kiekuty, a Polish army base.

The base was the site of a CIA black site.

Recall the work done by Dick Marty.


Jun 072012

Pulling out of Iraq ready for other fronts.

The “it was a CIA operation” paperwork defence