Dec 282013

The 2014 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) still has its indefinite detention option :)


Two other interesting court cases:

and now

Welcome to the world of third party collection :)

Dec 092013



How Australia’s telephone and Web 2.0 use is tracked:  In bulk and filtered later.

Welcome to the world of the special projects group.

Aug 072013



Welcome to the world of “special needs” or “administrative searches” – at train stations or events near you.


May 292013



The US is trading the need for skilled hackers for new offensive cyber war technology.

Will offensive cyber war infrastructure really allow a on click victory?

Will 3rd parties really  leave their consumer OS that exposed?

May 182013



Will US secure communication devices come with a new generation of backdoors?

Where US device makers go, the world usually follows.

Apr 192013


More at:


Over two years a 11-member Task Force produced a ~600-page report on the abuse of detainees over three US administrations.

The report covers extraordinary renditions, black sites, rendition, enhanced interrogation tactics, night raids, pulpified prisoner’s legs, the use of feeding tubes….

Apr 182013



The US Office of the Director of National Intelligence has a official number – 4.9 million as personnel with a government-wide security clearance.

A 2009 report  estimated that 2.4 million.

A 1995 GAO report offered an estimate of 3.2 million for 1993.


Thats a lot of relatives to visit, school teachers to track down, friends to interview, state and federal databases to search…  sealed state court records found?

Someone did take the time to sit down and do the interviews or is it all digital from a laptop now?