Dec 012012



Olson’s sons Eric and Nils are in court with the question of been killed in custody vs the drug linked suicide story.

Nov 042012



Face court-martialed for lying…

30 days of base restriction and loss of pay for the “attack”…


Jun 162012



A Biosafety Level 3 lab had an issue with air moving from a potentially contaminated lab into a “clean” corridor.

Don’t worry “no one has been injured”

Keep reading until the end about the fire code violations ….


Jun 122012



14 cancers will be added to a list that World Trade Center responders can claim from.

Lung, trachea, stomach, colon, rectum, liver, bladder, kidney, thyroid and breast cancers will now be covered.






May 032012

Recalling “Hidden history of US germ testing”

Time for version 2.0 with “dead bacteria called B-subtilis” to test new system for detecting biological agents.




Apr 142012



No US visa for a legal advocacy organisation wanting to talk about the drone warfare program.

Note the other kind of Free Baluchistan “grassroots” operations going in the other direction…..