Sep 292015



A new addition ha been made to routine US criminal searches:  the civil fingerprint data just got added.

Data from everyday licensing or a background check will now be in one large new Next Generation Identification database.

Sep 292015



Australia is going to look back over its existing image databases using new a new facial recognition system.

Images could be found from ID, passport photos or security cameras frames.


Apr 202015



Welcome to the Information War where truth is back to been part of vast conspiracy theories.

Feb 192015



Social media in now part of psychological operations with a rebranding of unconventional means.

Sep 252014



New laws in Australia would allow for access to any number of devices on a network.

The warrant is self signed.

Dec 282013

The 2014 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) still has its indefinite detention option 🙂


Two other interesting court cases:

and now

Welcome to the world of third party collection 🙂

Dec 092013



How Australia’s telephone and Web 2.0 use is tracked:  In bulk and filtered later.

Welcome to the world of the special projects group.

Sep 122013



Its seems the National Security Agency and GCHQ are still sharing tech with Australia rather than just the raw product been offered.

Aug 092013





A self issued National Security Letter and a nondisclosure order?