Nov 122012



An interesting read on the possible value of a privacy policy in the EU.


May 302012



The question of a “judicial authority” under the 2003 Extradition Act could get interesting over the next 14 days.

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Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will be in Sweden just after the Assange extradition ruling.



Apr 142012



Follow the billions of dollars, the reconstruction effort in Iraq, a book and the new reality for whistleblowers.

Feb 122012



Follow the early reaching out in January 2007 to the “leaked intelligence” on Iran.

Some details on the CIA’s Operation Mocking Bird.


Jan 112012



A commercial service called VOCUS was used by the US Army’s public affairs office to track public and media views on the Bradley Manning case.

Jan 102012



Withholding knowledge of Iraqi torture, a 2004 inspection at Al Makil prison, a blacked out report listing prisoner abuse…

Burned with cigarettes, molars crushed, beaten around their genitals, missing fingers ….

promoted and on to Libya…

Nov 252011



whowouldbenefit adds Italian telecommunications security expert Adamo Bove, Greek telecommunications expert Costas Tsalikidis and Deborah Jeane Palfrey.

Sep 032011



Follow the “Canadian” officials as they try to “work” on Canadian copyright law and new Canadian customs seizure powers.


Aug 182011