Nov 252012

Going back to the site:

A interesting view after the “Mata Haris” like email find


Sep 042012



“demanded they not publish material revealing the presence of the Global Hawks”

Hard to hide a drone the size of a 737 airliner if it gets some support for local air traffic control …… and so far south as a “a forward operation location”?

Note the use of civilian ground crews vs the need for a US camp?


Aug 142012



Mostly info on Somalia, a 737 near miss and crash counts.

Jun 202012



Some great work and interesting points about scheduled destinations on 911.  “We can’t go right now”?


NSA docs on the pre 911 intelligence, drone cost cutting and the local intel gap it created?

Adds to the details on warnings pre 911.

Jun 122012



The $176 million drone was lost in a routine training flight.

Crashes are highly unusual?

Guess they don’t count Predators and Reapers 🙂

Be fun when the FAA moves from ~ 100 permitted drone operators to a ~30,000 internal US drone deployment.

Jun 122012



Australia is just buying hours on expensive drones from a Canadian company that offers the Heron from the  Israeli government.

The cost for Australia’s addiction to drones?  $550 million

The good news?   They land themselves and only offer indirect fire support – keeping Australia safe from any tricky legal ‘targeted assassination” questions via their rented remotely piloted aircraft.

Other interesting notes.  ASIS has not killed since the 80s and 90s?  No more complex paramilitary activity?

Wonder what they where doing in the late 1970’s then 😉

Total cost?   $550 million.

Why is anyone still using hand-held digital radios?

Jun 042012



Yes, body count is back, welcome to the world of acceptable collateral damage.

May 282012



First test flight of the 300-foot-long spy platform will be in early June.

Note the use for cargo and helping with a “withdraw”.

May 092012



Details on the global market for US drones, their training systems and weaponized military drones.


May 032012



Trips to Fort Meade, not fitting in… missing after seven days….

I wonder what he found in the Taliban communications codes?

A new to ….