Sep 292015



A new addition ha been made to routine US criminal searches:  the civil fingerprint data just got added.

Data from everyday licensing or a background check will now be in one large new Next Generation Identification database.

Aug 072013



Welcome to the world of “special needs” or “administrative searches” – at train stations or events near you.


Jul 172013



Will violating a non-disclosure agreement signed to protect classified national security information stop a thought crime?

A great way to study who is sneaking a read at home 🙂

Aug 072012



A new FBI database system will offer facial recognition searching and deep biographical data.

The system will start with a count of 100 million Americans and link with other data such as fingerprints, iris scans, palm prints.

Expect any face of interest in a “public dataset” to be fair game i.e. independent of arrests, DMV as ‘civil submissions”.  Data gathering is automated for crowds.

Social media sites with a person of interest… to friends to friends …. ?





May 272012



The more interesting terms:

Maritime domain awareness MDA


Lots on N1H1, vaccine and anthrax related brandnames

National Biosurveillance Integration Center (NBIC), pork

Critical Infrastructure and Key Resources (CIKR)


Used to find “media reports that reflect adversely on DHS”

No “bank run” just yet 😉


Apr 202012



Hand over the data or no visa-free travel for you….

The data will be kept for 6 months, then get depersonalised.  After 5 years it will be moved to a dormant database.

15 years later it will be anonymised.

Apr 192012



DHS, TSA and local police will be using random bag searches, K-9 sweeps on  buses.

Expect counter-terrorism experts, undercover TSA agents and a coast-to-coast roll out.

Mar 242012



Not just for Afghanistan and CIA staff..  welcome to the world of the police drone.

Feb 142012



Welcome to the world of “security and efficiency”.