Jan 102013

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A new generation of military training and defense operations.



Apr 302012


Libya is helping people around the world again.   Nobody stopped the “general cargo” 🙂



Apr 112012

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Could the Russians be right- Iran by summer?


Feb 162012

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The K-84 ‘Ekaterinburg’ was in a Murmansk dry dock for minor repairs when its rubber hydro-acoustic coating caught fire.

400 fire fighters with 72 vehicles where needed to control the blaze.

The missile pits would have been open and empty as no US or Russian nuclear submarine can be sent for maintenance with missiles on board.


Jan 082012

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Aims to “forge partnerships with non-state actors, multilateral organizations, and foreign governments”

This will connect the State Department to the Department of Homeland Security.


Jul 262011

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Father was a diplomat.

Norway and its independent foreign policy.

NATO vs Norway and a policy of pulling out of Libya August 1?


Radio host Alex Jones on Breivik



Jun 152011

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Talk of “permanent” bases is been changed to training or mentoring roles.  Drones, troops and intelligence units could be in place for decades under a strategic partnership.

May 242011






May 202011

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“Sino-American competition is beginning to parallel the contest between us and the Soviet Union in the Cold War. This time, however, the United States is in the fiscally precarious position of the USSR, while China plays the economically robust role we once did.”

May 052011

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The future, the use of Pakistan, thoughts on 1914 and the book “World of Yesterday” by Stefan Zweig.