May 292016



Expect new national security letter options for email access domestically with less court oversight.




Sep 292015



A new addition ha been made to routine US criminal searches:  the civil fingerprint data just got added.

Data from everyday licensing or a background check will now be in one large new Next Generation Identification database.

Apr 192013


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Over two years a 11-member Task Force produced a ~600-page report on the abuse of detainees over three US administrations.

The report covers extraordinary renditions, black sites, rendition, enhanced interrogation tactics, night raids, pulpified prisoner’s legs, the use of feeding tubes….

Apr 182013



The US Office of the Director of National Intelligence has a official number – 4.9 million as personnel with a government-wide security clearance.

A 2009 report  estimated that 2.4 million.

A 1995 GAO report offered an estimate of 3.2 million for 1993.


Thats a lot of relatives to visit, school teachers to track down, friends to interview, state and federal databases to search…  sealed state court records found?

Someone did take the time to sit down and do the interviews or is it all digital from a laptop now?

Aug 072012



A new FBI database system will offer facial recognition searching and deep biographical data.

The system will start with a count of 100 million Americans and link with other data such as fingerprints, iris scans, palm prints.

Expect any face of interest in a “public dataset” to be fair game i.e. independent of arrests, DMV as ‘civil submissions”.  Data gathering is automated for crowds.

Social media sites with a person of interest… to friends to friends …. ?





Jun 042012



Internet Protocol version 6, or IPv6 will be something new during the change over, but will be perfect when used as all devices will have a unique Internet address.


Jun 022012



A copy was kept by the State Department and can be found at

The amazing question of “how the U.S. came to employ torture” is asked 🙂

May 302012

North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) working with U.S. Northern Command’s (Northcom) Operations Division will form the Northern Command Joint Cyber Center (JCC).  They will work with the Homeland Security Department….


Also see

The new Domestic Communications Assistance Center will work on electronic surveillance technologies, including intercepting Internet, wireless, and VoIP communications for the FBI.  CALEA is getting a web 2.0 update 🙂





May 102012


Follow the funding of the new media, freedom fighters, the US backing of Chechen rebels, every US citizen as a suspect, the Bosnian connection.