Feb 032012

Via:  news.techworld.com/security/3334788/apple-filevault-2-encryption-cracked-by-forensic-software/


If your computer is on and logging-in was automatic your full-disk encryption used with OS X Lion may not be that safe.

It may only take “minutes” to recover the password.

Note:  Microsoft’s BitLocker encryption and the open source tool TrueCryp won’t save you.



Aug 182011

Jun 262011

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also see guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/cifamerica/2011/jun/22/hacking-anonymous


Jun 102011

Via:  news.cnet.com


Apple has banned any driving under the influence (DUI) checkpoint apps for iOS-based devices.

Under the Apple App Store Review Guidelines, Section 22.8

“apps which contain DUI checkpoints that are not published by law enforcement agencies, or encourage and enable drunk driving, will be rejected.”

The why it was done news.cnet.com/8301-13579_3-20045942-37.html

May 052011

Via:  blacklistednews.com


Some background to the past few years of Smartphone and telco tracking.

Apr 302011

Via:  gizmodo.com.au/2011/04/watch-how-the-police-raid-a-mobile-phone/


Lantern 2 is used by government agencies researchers, and security firms.

It can list text exchanges, show pictures taken, bookmarks, cookies, Skype calls made, Facebook friends and every mobile tower a phone has been near.


Apr 272011

Via:  news.cnet.com


More on what MS, Apple and Google collect about a users habits via smart phones.

“IPhone Stored Location in Test Even if Disabled”