Feb 152012


What can a drone drop on your roof, be dropped off in a box while you are on holiday or just get left near your home?

The off-the-shelf wifi data gathering box that anyone could have built.

No more evaluation if found as the unit is clean.



Jan 242012

Via:  wired.com/threatlevel/2012/01/scotus-gps-ruling/


The US Supreme Court ruled that law enforcement authorities would need a probable-cause warrant from a judge to mount a GPS device to a vehicle and track it.

The really legal magic will be in the longer-term GPS monitoring…. and needing a warrant


Jan 082012

Via:  news.cnet.com/8301-17852_3-57354445-71/the-joy-of-microsofts-avoid-ghetto-gps-patent/


Will your next Windows Phone keep you away from poor neighbourhoods while enjoying targeted advertisements?

May 142011

Via:  guardian.co.uk


The Metropolitan police has bought Geotime to track an individual’s movements and communications with other people.

A three-dimensional graphic helps display information collected via social networking sites, GPS, mobile phones, banking and internet logs.

Links between people eg. communications, relationships, transactions, message logs are used to detect patterns and behaviours.

The US military uses the software and it is for sale.


May 052011

Via:  blacklistednews.com


Some background to the past few years of Smartphone and telco tracking.

Apr 302011

Via:  crave.cnet.co.uk


Great comment ‘”Anonymous” GPS traces that start and/or end with your home every day are not anonymous.”

Also see  yro.slashdot.org/story/11/04/28/1719247/GPS-Maker-TomTom-Submits-Your-Speed-Data-To-Police

Apr 272011

Via:  news.cnet.com


More on what MS, Apple and Google collect about a users habits via smart phones.

“IPhone Stored Location in Test Even if Disabled”




Apr 242011

Via:  f-secure.com


Did existing iPhone owners around the world allowed Apple to build its own location database? No Google Maps Street View cars or Skyhook database needed.