Jul 302011

Via:  news.cnet.com


1 years of data retention will keep names, addresses, phone numbers, CC numbers, bank account details, and the IP used.

i.e. a database of every digital sale.

The 1996 federal Electronic Communication Transactional Records Act was 90 days.


More at:  eff.org/deeplinks/2011/07/house-committee-approves-bill-mandating-internet



Feb 102011

Via  usatoday.com

The TSA still has not released radiation inspection reports for its X-ray equipment .  Two months after lawmakers called for the data to be made public following USA TODAY’s requests to review the reports.

The chairman of a House oversight committee on homeland defense called the delays “inexcusable.” Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah:   “The public has a right to know, and there isn’t something so sensitive that requires holding it back,”  Chaffetz has sponsored legislation to limit how full-body scans are used.