Mar 212012



All the fancy sensors on your new phone will work together to ensure the correct ad get to you every time.

Don’t worry “disabling” some the sensors might help with your privacy.


Jul 192011



Sean Hoare helped the New York Times investigation on phone-hacking allegations at the News of the World.

Note the time for the Scientific Services Unit to arrive…..


Apr 172011





George Galloway:  “I’m concerned about what’s going on in the background, which is that they’re trying to prevent the truth from coming out by offering everybody lots of money,”

Feb 132011


McClatchy Newspapers requested a copy of secret Justice Department memo and found that:

“Justice Department’s inspector general: “the OLC agreed with the FBI that under certain circumstances (word or words redacted) allows the FBI to ask for and obtain these records on a voluntary basis from the providers, without legal process or a qualifying emergency.”

Kevin Bankston, a senior staff attorney and expert on electronic surveillance and national security laws for the nonprofit Electronic Frontier Foundation notes:  “Apparently, they’ve decided that this provision means that your international communications are a privacy-free zone and that they can get records of those communications without any legal process.”

“That interpretation could be stretched to apply to e-mails as well”

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“FBI counter-terrorism official said getting access to them was as easy as “having an ATM in your living room.”