Sep 252014



New laws in Australia would allow for access to any number of devices on a network.

The warrant is self signed.

Dec 282013

The 2014 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) still has its indefinite detention option 🙂


Two other interesting court cases:

and now

Welcome to the world of third party collection 🙂

Oct 052012



Welcome to 24-hour, all weather surveillance units.  Some stats in the linked pdf :

HD (needing fiber optic network for the masses of data), 500 feet range , with zoom, a face at 400 feet, ~ two week retention.

$350,000 for 11.units


May 282012



First test flight of the 300-foot-long spy platform will be in early June.

Note the use for cargo and helping with a “withdraw”.

Apr 202012



Hand over the data or no visa-free travel for you….

The data will be kept for 6 months, then get depersonalised.  After 5 years it will be moved to a dormant database.

15 years later it will be anonymised.

Feb 252012



US secret warrantless surveillance could be back in before some US court maybe ….

Don’t worry, state secrets privilege will stop any lawsuits again 🙂

The FISA info graphic:

Feb 192012



Details on the new Communications Capabilities Development Programme (CCDP).

All the UK’s call, text message, email traffic and web logs will be stored.

If MI5, MI6 or the GCHQ want “real time” insight they can get it, with the full database of data.

Telcos like BT, Sky, Virgin Media, Vodafone and O2 would keep the data.

The GCHQ never liked been seen in open court, the press or having its “listening post” ability over every aspect of the UK’s telecom infrastructure become too well known.
So they hope a Communications Capabilities Development Programme can make the links in open court based on info that the GCHQ “found” and then flagged?
Your interest in politics was not a flaged but your friend had a friend who said something on twitter or downloaded something and they “stumbled” back to you?
The GCHQ tried “sigint NEW Systems” back in the late 1990’s, the Government Telecommunications Advisory Centre, Government Technical Assistance Centre (criminals used codes) ect.


Strange that all this is now so direct and in the open? Everything you do is now can be tracked if your flagged, months of logs can be “opened” and real time use spied on for a long time with very little legal oversight in the USA, UK, Australia….
Why would anyone of interest use the web in any way worth logging anymore?
Back to family, cult, faith, school, tribe, gang, compatriots, business associates – MI6 will be detected long before they can plant a fresh face or bribe their way to something of use.
Why is the UK is giving away generations of hidden signals intelligence excellence for some short term “communications industry” links and PR that they are doing something?